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Inuksuk Animation ltd

INUKSUK PRODUCTIONS LTD. Is a newly established Film Production Studio Located in Vancouver, Canada. We concentrate on Marketing for Animation Services for Multi/Mass Production. in Traditional 2D &CGI-Digital productions. We can provide Multi-Variant Style of of Animation Production Including but not limited to - Pre-Production through Complete Animated Production. Our services are of the Highest of International Standards, On Time Schedule w/ attractive budgets. INUKSUK Productions will also engage in developing it’s “OWN” Animated Projects & is seeking Proper Co-Production opportunities with Outside Project(s). INUKSUK Productions has Mutual support with HIPPO 3D Animation in Production & Marketing. (Hippo will provide full aspects of all production services. INUKSUK will provide Production Management, Marketing & Funding as well as necessary new Talent & Technical Support.

Hippo 3D Animation Ltd. was originally founded in 1999 providing mainly 2D animation services. Most of our work has been done for Network, Syndication and independent producers. By the year of 2002, 3D team of the studio has grown to a full and competitive capacity in skills and technology. With the sound knowledge of 2D animation, our animators are skillful when applying the essence of 2D animation to the 3D digital world, which constitutes one of the major advantages of the studio. The 3D animation work done at Hippo has more depth in their interpretations.