Bee Happy

Be Happy is a commedy action show about adventures of a group of loveable bugs and their fun-filled life in Happy Valley. Entertaining while it educates, Bee Happy illustrates to young viewers, the role of insects in the nature, while at the same time their exciting stories prove the importance of building relationships, winnig trust, taking responsibility and using teamwork to achieve a common goal.

The show focuses on an enthusiastic, outgoing anf unstoppably optimistic young young hero named BEE HAPPY who shares with his pals a constant quest to protect the Hive and their beloved Happy Valley - a beautiful nook field with lush greenery, colorfull flowers and fruits - from being taken over by the inhabitans of the Underbrush.

The insects of the Underbrush are an unsavory (but necessary) bunch of cockroaches, beetkes, flies, mites and mosquitoes who live on trash and garbage wallow in filth, and scheme to transform Happy Valley into a thriving resort for 'gangster' - type pests, catering to the various vices they delight in. Leading this evil effort is a grotesque cockroach known as a Don Roachie.

Unlike the Underbrush, which is full of disconenct, the Valley is a joyfull place where alll insects coexist in harrmony, each doing his or her part to build the Valley and help it thrive ecologically. The 'royal guardsmen' of the Valley, as it where, are the bees. Bee Happy is himself a Prince and is being groomed to be a protector and leader of the royal guards. Bee Happy feels it is his natural duty to preotect the Valley from verminous interlopers like Don Roachie.

Don Roachie tries to take advantage f whatever situation presents itself - everythng from the weather, a new discovery, a change of season, an ongoing valley social event, or simply an individual weakness. Upon stumbling on DOn Roachie's evil plots, Bee Happy recruits his friends and the team unites to save the Valley from destruction.

In the course od battling the underbrush characters schemes, the drama deepens the realationships between Bee Happy and his friends and affords the individual characters new ways to contribue to the effort of preserving their beautiful world.