The Cleaners - Tiny and Jake awakened by the phone ringing. VoilĂ ! They have a job at Mrs. Gorilla house. She gives them a long list of things to do. As always, te mighty duo manages to wreck her car, turn her walls into Swiss cheese and smash a priceless chandlier all before MRs. G gets home.

Dog - Day Afternoon - After mrs. Weasel's pesky mutts make a shamble of Jake and TIny's handiework; the boys must take he dogs for a walk before they get paid. Like on any average doggy - stroll, Jake gets trashed by a truck, swallowed by a shark, dragged by a bus chewed like a rag doll, before, before Mrs. Weasel rescues her precious pups.

Not So Handy Men - Our heroes are hired to work on Mr. Gorilla's yard and fix the sprinklers while he prunes his prize apple tree. Unbeknownst to Mr. G, the two nitwits manage destroy his house, re-rout the sprinklers and updoot his blue ribbon tree. All in day's work for Tiny and Jake!

Mouse In The House - Tiny goes berserk after he finds a mouse in the refrigerator. The Goofs try every trick they know catch the pest, but the furry rodent prevails every time and eventually manages to drive Tiny and Jake not only out of their minds but out of their minds but out their own house as well!

How The Pick Up ent Down - The duo has a new job at Mrs. Weasel's Beauty Parlor but can't get there because od a jammed dawbridge. Offering to lend a hand, they break out their tools, and of course break the bridge too. Hurricane Tiny and Jake finally make it to the salon, only to fry a few more loose ends and strut their stuff in wigs andd make-up before making a hasty retreat.

Crate Expectations- The boys have an easy delivery to Mrs. Bear's house or so they think. Mrs. Bears wants them to install her new in the wall vacuum cleaner and bidet in the bathroom. After several attempts they seem to master the vacuum but the bidet was another thing, as Mr. Bear found out.

The Swimming Pool - Tiny and Jake are hired to install a new pool so it's completed before the owners return from their vacation. Through muck mayhem and chaos throughout the day boys finally digs the hole, insert the pool and fill it with water. Both are quite please, until the owner steps out the back door and falls into the pool. It seems they have built the pool in the wrong yard.

What No Key? - Waking to the ringing alarm the 'Goof' duo bounds out bed and zoom to their first job of the day at Mrs. Fox's house. Arriving at the job site they cannot dind the key so soveral methods are tried to enter the house, even to ringing the doorbell. FInally succeeding the nitwits procee to the simple task od hanging the wallpaper.