Hot Tamales

Don't you just love that moment?
The furniture is collapsing...custard pies...the plumbing is busted...when some pompous character walks in on the comic chaos, and demands to know:
"What's ithe-??"
Too late. Pie in the face!!
Yes, that,s the way it was in the days classic screen comedy. Fast, frenetic, frenized; and the meaning of it all? Notihing! That's right: zip, zilch, nada-
And speaking of nada: wouldn't it be fun to do it again, this time with uno poquito of HIspanic flair?
In the tradition od Laurel and Hardy...the Marx Brothers...the Three Stooges...and the Watergate.
Plumbers, we present a new team soon-to-be-immortal screw ups: