Panda Mountain

The animation feature film, The Secret of Panda Mountain, aims to bring to the audience, through appealing characters and exciting entertainment, the interrelationship between human and other living species on the earth, it reiterates the importance of maintaining a harmonious living environment for all beings.

The conflict within our story and among its central characters is not merely concerning the evil and good or the wrong and justice on Panda Mountain, but more importantly, the broader sensibilities of how we human beings should deal responsibly with our environment, which we also share with other living creatures.

Our choice of the main animal character, a Giant Panda living exclusively in China, is based on its world-wide recognition and appeal as an adorable, yet rare and nearly-extinct animal species. The food shortage of recent years in the Panda’s bamboo forest habitat, resulting from the changes in the natural environment, poses a huge threat to the lives of the Pandas. This issue has aroused interest and attention from all over the world as to the Pandas’ wellbeing and a further concern for their survival. Brought to the screen from the Panda’s point of view, The Secret of Panda Mountain will heighten the awareness of these critical issues even further.

Expert Panda research teams have investigated the Giant Panda for over ten years on Qin Ling Mountain in south west China. The results of their work are providing critical information to our creative development team, which will make the story and its locations, rich, unique, and authentic in factual and scientific grounding. Pivotal touching moments experienced by the members of the teams during their deep devotion to the panda research will be included as part of the story as a small tribute for their time and energies in improving our environment.

As advocated by these scientists, and the animal characters in our story, every one of us should try our best to preserve the nature, not to violate the nature. Let the laws of nature govern our living environment, instead of the intervention from human beings. All creatures can live in harmony. That's exactly the essence of The Secret of Panda Mountain.