Smokin' Hot Rides

It’s been a long strange trip, through the 20th Century and beyond. Much of it done by…car!

CARS! From the oldest “tin lizzies” to the latest titanium prototypes, we can’t wait to get up and go, go, GO wherever our four wheels can take us.
Been there, done that… what’s next? Is there something really new on the horizon, to get our hearts racing and adrenaline pumping again?
Well, if you ever remember being four-on-the- floor (on hands and knees) as a little kid, toying with teensy vehicles, you’re gonna love…

When they hit the BT boost, they smoke. (Vapor, actually. Safety first!) In the drivers’ seats are THE HOT RIDE HEROES: a tough-as-tread team of roarin’-to-go racers, on a track-by-track jaunt round the world.

Their goal? Well, winning of course! But the real high for these Heroes is the prize money… which, after expenses, all goes towards C.H.A.R.I.T.Y. (COLLECTIVE HOME AND REFUGE to IMPROVE TROUBLED YOUTH.) And that’s what gives them their drive