Hippo 3D Animation Ltd. was originally founded in 1999 providing mainly 2D animation services. Most of our work has been done for Network, Syndication and independent producers. By the year of 2002, 3D team of the studio has grown to a full and competitive capacity in skills and technology. With the sound knowledge of 2D animation, our animators are skillful when applying the essence of 2D animation to the 3D digital world, which constitutes one of the major advantages of the studio. The 3D animation work done at Hippo has more depth in their interpretations.

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Tom Pong

Founded Hippo 3D Animation (Canada) 2016 --- underway
Founded Hippo 3D Animation (HK)since 2007
Produced CGI animation and has been production manager since 2004
Produced traditional animation and has been production manager since 1985

Animation business consultant
Animation Producer
Project development and marketing
Animation production management

Bing Gu
Bing Gu

Bin Gu is one of few pioneer of CGI Animation with 2D animation background in China. She  have produced more than 100 episodes CGI TV series and many CGI feature animation as well. Which included ”Hulk” , “Voltron Force” “Titke” “Enyo” “ Happy Never After”  “Antie” “Speed racer”  and “The Zula Patrol” I&II  “ 'Bottersnikes & Gumbles'”  “Jack and The Giants”  and “ The Jet Go ” etc.. Gu is one of the most experience CGI manager for mass production with all aspects of CGI production skill.

Hua Jian
Hua Jian

Jian is one of the few experience Modeling supervisor for CGI production, he joined our team since beginning, he is not only having a wonderful CGI Modeling skill and knowledge but also family with all the best animators and modeling artists in CGI business in China. He is capable and well experience to manager appropriate production team to for production quality requirement .

Odie Peng
Odie Peng

Odie, production coordinator and English translator. Well experience with CGI production pipeline and communication skill. He helps client- communication and production update,  responds schedule following up.